A Revolutionary DeFi Token

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What is PayFun(PFUN)?

PayFun(PFUN) is a revolutionary DeFi token. Indeed seeing the world involved in virtual reality, we decided to create a token which could be used to pay real people. What is it all about ? For example, I need somebody to play football with him, I publish my annouce on our social community chat and I pay this person with PFUN. The objective is to have fun by playing and more to gain money with the token which could be exchanged in other fiat on Binance. It would not be more possible to say, I am alone or I don't have anybody to spend the evening playing.

Just invite the person and pay him with PFUN. This aims to create connectivity between people and to stop people being jailed in the virtual world. You can get out of your virtual world and meet real people. PFUN is an optimization to definitely solve the problem caused by virtual reality games.

PayFun Mission



How to Buy PayFun(PFUN)

PayFun is available on PancakeSwap and Binance smart chain network : Follow instruction
below to safely buy

Step 1

Download Metamask Chrome Extension or Mobile App.

Launch the official PancakeSwap

Step 2

Connect_your trust wallet(Trust/Metamask) using the proper network

Step 3

Gas Balance_Make sure to have enough BNB to cover fees

Step 4

Buy_ paste the contract, set the slippage to 12% on V2 and purchase the desired amount